Hi I’m Amreen, British born and raised who said her vows and packed her bags to live in the beautiful state of California. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for the longest time but never had the courage to do so, but here I am vigorously typing away so you can follow my small adventures on AcrosstheSeam.com

AcrosstheSeam.com houses my Travel adventures, my Beauty endeavors, my Fashion ensemble and everything else in between. The blog name came to me as I sat and thought hard on what to call a place that is linked to who I am and also show how I’ve managed to cross the ocean and start a new life at age 24 with, of course, the support of my loving partner.

Any questions or thoughts drop a comment or tweet me @amrutweets

Contact: acrosstheseam@outlook.com

Hope you enjoy my blog

Love, Mansur xx