My Cult Beauty Products of the year 2016

KEVYN AUCOIN Sculpting Powder $44, has been in my kit for a good few years. It’s purpose is to create a well-contoured sculpted face. The powder has a Cool Tone Grey shade which is perfect to create shadows in the hollow areas. This easy to use formula combines all the pigments to create a natural shading in the contours of your cheeks, chin and nose for a sheer finish or by adding more for a dramatic effect. Remember the shadows created on your face are mainly grey toned, you will not find deep brown or orange shades so you wouldn’t use those colors to contour. Go with the natural colors and shades of your face when trying to match yourself with makeup, I promise you, your makeup will be F L A W L E S S.

Tip: This product is heavily PIGMENTED, do not swirl brush or use a heavy hand. Simply tap the brush in to the powder and tap off the access.


LUCAS’ PAPAW OINTMENT $12  is hyped on the market for a reason, the Papaw has healing properties for chapped lips, burns or cuts. It is a slightly more expensive version of Vaseline but cheaper than the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, this balm does not have that strong Petroleum jelly scent and the consistency is quite different by being less thick and stickier. An example of how I use this cult beauty product on my clients who suffer from dry flakey lips is by taking this balm and rubbing it between my fingers and once the balm has melted I apply it on the lips. This acts like a conditioner or a mask for the lips so when it comes to applying a lipstick or lip liner, it is a smooth application.

Lucas Papaw Ointment (US)
Lucas Papaw Ointment (UK)


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers and Palette $38 are finely milled, velvety-smooth pressed powders that allows you to build color on your cheeks without looking powdery on the skin. Unlike traditional blush, which tends to be flat. The clever technology behind Ambient Lighting Blushers is that they create a lighting effect for a seamless, soft-focus and multidimensional color. It’s as if it melts onto your skin when evenly blended out for a natural look.  These are my holy grail products, they have been with me during my engagement and wedding period (I did my own makeup for all occasions) and surprisingly phone cameras and professional photography picked up the pigments quite well. There is so much I could say about this brand as every product I have used so far has been a success (which is so rare to find), this is one of my favorite beauty brands that I could recommend to every beauty enthusiast, if not all products but to at least try a blusher, you will not be disappointed.

Tip: One way I love to wear the HOURGLASS Blushers is to pair it with a Cream Blusher by Bobbi Brown. I first apply the Bobbi Brown Cream blusher in Raspberry on to the cheeks for a flushed look, once applied and allowed to sit for a couple of minutes I top it off with Hourglass Blusher in Mood Exposure. This is my blush combo for when I’m going for No Makeup Makeup look and also used this on my Wedding day.

Hourglass Sephora (US)
Hourglass Space.NK. (UK)

is a tingling sensation face mask that lifts all impurities, smooths, and brightens skin with in 15 minutes. The GLAMGLOW brand initially was made to fit the ‘Hollywood’ lifestyle and to provide results in a short amount of time. Everyone wants the clear, bump free and even skin tone (especially me) and I will spend $$$ for good skincare. This is just the one GLAMGLOW product I am sharing with you all, but I actually have a whole collection in the mask cabinet. This stuff  is the real deal. It really works. I apply one of the GLAMGLOW masks before my makeup and it helps to give a brighter, clearer complexion and a smooth canvas to work on. These masks are my best friends when traveling (especially on the plane) and every day use. 



Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon $27, long-lasting, smudge proof eye shadow pencil to make your eyeshadow application easier. Ever since I was introduced to Charlotte Tilbury, I had fallen love with each and every product. She hasn’t launched many products ie Eyebrow pencils, Eye Kohl’s, Lip Liners, Foundations, Setting powder, Blushers etc. For many years she made do with other brands make up tools while using her signature Magic Cream (AMAZING) and a few of other things she had available on the market. I could tell she had taken her time (if not years) in to making each product and thats what I love about her and her brand. She bares in mind all skin tones, skin color, eye color also keeping in demand with bronze and glow products. These sticks work amazingly well when you want something quick and easy but you also want to look like you’ve spent a long time doing your eyeshadow. The worst thing about some Eye Shadow sticks is that you are given up to 10 seconds to blend before they set, whereas with these eye shadow sticks I can blend up to the crease at ease and add as many layers as I would like but also staying bullet proof on the lid.

Charlotte Tilbury Beautylish (US)
Charlotte Tilbury Selfridges (UK)

Whats your cult beauty product of the year? Or any recommendations on something I must try? Let me know below.

Mansur x