​The CHANEL Dream

 31 Rue Cambon
I was 15 when I had shown an interest in this designer, mainly seeing it in the hit reality show ‘The Hills’ (who knew 10 years later I’d be living here :o). I didn’t think much of it at that age but it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted one. Once I was more independent, my small collection began. Initially I had wanted the Chanel Classic 2.55 bag but over time it became second on my list. Maybe because I was around this specific bag too much and seeing how people were wearing it with their clothing choices put me off (so weird… i know). Slowly I was leading myself to get a Boy Bag. It is a much more edgier, bold and well structured looking bag. Over time, leather goods show wear and tear which is normal and it’ll never stay in perfect condition but this had much of a stronger hold especially in Caviar Leather. 
  ‘Good luck finding that one’
  I was after the Medium, Silver/Gold hardware Boy Bag in Caviar leather in Black. Not easy to find, I was told by various boutiques around the world. Representatives would commonly mention to me “Good luck finding that one”, or “London always is sold out”, or even the classic “we have a shipping coming next week'” line so I ended up making a drastic decision that whenever I go to Paris I’ll buy it from there. I was happy to wait as I was in no rush to spend my Chanel fund (from age 16). Even the other half wanted me to buy one so badly! Not because I would talk about it (hardly did) but he knew how much I’ve wanted a Chanel bag. I think he wanted me to get it more than I wanted to get it myself haha. The unexpected trip to Paris came around this Summer, not being completely prepared but knowing I may possibly come back with a Chanel bag from Rue Cambon.
 ‘Feeling slightly agitated and not welcomed at all’
31 Rue Cambon is Coco Chanels first Fashion Establishment, I had dreamt about this day for quite a while. We headed there super early to avoid the lines and to keep out of the rain. I was ready! I was excited! I was smiling ear to ear at my other half. The door man welcomed us with a ‘Bonjour Mademoiselle’ (I had a bit of an Ooo moment). As I walked in to my dream, there in front of me shined a wall of mirrors with golden spiral stairs, lavish displays upon displays of all Chanel boutique items. I admired each room and what it had in store. One room was dedicated to shoes and I saw a Gentlemen speaking to an assistant for the correct shoe fitting for his Mrs. As we stepped down we had entered the bag selection room, feeling slightly nervous I had approached one of the assistant for help. I was told to wait for an assistant when it’s my turn. It was a little awkward as there were only 3 customers in the room, including ourselves and plenty of assistants around.
I started to have some anxiety that maybe I shouldn’t have come here, maybe I’m not dressed accordingly or I’m not white enough?! The other half was feeling slightly agitated and not welcomed at all. To my understanding as I had spent the whole day hopping from Chanel stores that all assistants have different roles, wether you are in the bag section, shoe section, whichever department you are in. Once you have an assistant assigned to you then they help you with all your Chanel needs. We were then assisted by Stephanie who started off slightly cold with us but as soon she realized that multiple purchases were going to be made, the bags she said she did not have magically appeared in the back room. How convenient! 
 31 Rue Cambon
I won’t be going through all the stores I visited but lets just say the rest of the stores were so welcoming that I had a fabulous experience. The store 25 Rue Royal, was my favorite and THE store to visit. As soon as we walked in we were welcomed, we were able to browse on our own, and when assisted I was allowed to go through the wardrobe of where they keep the Boy Bags and which colors I wanted to try out. Just want to give a shoutout to Carolina Lopez the assistant who served us, took our calls when needed and sending our items to the hotel at the last minute. Her service was AMAZING! 
Now on to the Bag Reveal
Chanel Gold Hardware Boy Bag in Caviar
Size: Old Medium
Measurements: 9.8″ x 5.9″ x 3.5″ (Old Medium)
Leather: Caviar leather
 I went ahead with the Gold hardware, as the Silver hardware was sold out in the whole of Europe. The leather is on the heavier side compare to other leathers, which I like as it is more sturdy. I went with the Old Medium size as it was the perfect side bag that was not too small and not too big. The New Medium is significantly bigger and did not suit my body frame and looked way too big against my hips. You can fit in a decent amount in the Boy bag compared to the Classic 2.55, currently I have my Celine glasses in it’s pouch, card wallet, coin purse, battery pack, lipstick, hand cream and a packet of sweet almonds and there is still room for more. I hope by reading this post you do not leave with the idea that I am showing off or “Hey look at me”, that is not my intention at all. I was hesitant to share any of my purchases (this is why it took me so long) but I was asked by so many of you guys that you were excited for the reveal and I thought why not share my experience too. In no way am I stating to ‘GO BUY THIS BAG’ but I know there are people out there, especially some in my audience, who have an interest in these kind of reviews, reveals and thoughts just like me. And this is that kind of a blog, an informative blog.   
Mansur x