Red in Paris

‘Paris is always a good idea’

Bonjour mon chers, this summer I was incredibly lucky enough to make a short visit to Paris, a city that I have wanted to visit for many reasons. Paris is a short flight from Manchester and we arrived at the beautiful Hotel Le Tsuba, Paris, which was a short walk to Arc de Triomphe and the Metro. The hotel itself was completely furbished with modern interior to marbled bathrooms to french balcony doors with a promising view. We were welcomed by a lovely ‘Happy Anniversary’ Card and gifted the hotels signature scented candle which you can get a whiff of as soon as you walk in to the hotel.

Le Tsuba Hotel

Day 1

As we arrived around 7PM to our hotel, we decided to freshen up and head straight out. But first dinner plans were made at a restaurant called Le Wok which is a Thai/Vietnamese Cuisine where you are able to create your own wok from choosing your own sauce, vegetables, meat and rice or noodles. It was absolutely delicious!

This city does not sleep. Around 10 pm we took the underground and headed to the Eiffel tower (Tour Eiffel). It was a beautiful warm evening, the skies had a purple blueish tint, street lamps stretched down the path and a slight buzz was in the air with all the tourists around us. And there standing was the tour Eiffel completely lit from the bottom to the top. 

Outfit details
Dress: Topshop tunic
 Jeans: Zara
Mules: Topshop

Day 2

Dedicated shopping day. Words can’t explain how excited I was for this day, I dreamt of this day since I was 16. All will be explained and revealed on my next post.

Our day started from 7AM, as I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower I imagined how the day was going to go down. The whole day was spent in shopping that we actually forgot to have breakfast and weren’t able to take many pictures as we were running around like headless chickens. One of my favorite parts of the trip was actually walking through the streets of Paris via Google Maps, we were able to see and enjoy the views that we didn’t think we would ever get to see. At one point it heavily rained so we headed straight to this beautiful Moroccan Cafe which served us Lamb Tagine and very sweet mint tea. The food overall wasn’t the best, I personally find Moroccan food quite bland but we had no choice as we did not want to venture out in the pouring rain to find something else.

Our day ended by visiting a family owned Indian Restaurant ‘Kastoori’, Oh how happy I was to eat at this place. Everything was authentic Indian food from the mains to desserts. It had been a while since I had stuffed myself after the fasting month, Oh boy! did I eat and get a goodnight’s sleep.

Restaurant La Mosquee

Outfit details
Dress: Topshop 
Jeans: Zara
Pearl Sandals: Dorothy Perkins

Day 3

Attempt Sightseeing. This was our final day, and just our luck there was rain in the forecast. We were okay with not being able to see all the famous sites in one day, we wanted to enjoy our final day together in Paris however it panned out. Going with the flow we headed to Angelina Cafe, I heard so many great things about this place and I am so glad we were able to get a table. This beautiful tea house is known for its pudding-like hot chocolate and signature pastries. 

We headed towards The Louvre, through the big ironed gates was this open courtyard with multiple glass triangles. I noticed the line to go inside the Louvre museum (mainly for the Mona Lisa portrait) was pretty long and I was not feeling up to waiting in the heat. The whole area was just full of people and I just wanted to get out as there really wasn’t much to see. We decided to walk from there towards Champs-Élysées, big mistake! take a taxi. I’m not one to complain and I felt bad but I was literally moaning “How far, how long” Our legs and feet were completely gone by late afternoon, that’s how much we walked. Several miles later we just wanted to head towards Tour Eiffel and enjoy the sunshine and do nothing else.

Angelina Cafe

Galeries Lafayette Rooftop

Avenue Montaigne

Place du Trocadéro

Outfit details
Blouse: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Paris even though it was a short stay. I am sure I will be revisiting Paris in the near future. There was something magical about this trip, as are all our trips are but in a different way. Theres always more room to learn about the other person especially on travels, the laughters, the tears and simply appreciating the adventures together. Keep an eye out or subscribe for my next post as i’ll be discussing my Chanel experience and revealing purchases.

Mansur x