Fashion: Americans vs The Brits

The search for F A S H I O N or finding my style has been a real struggle for me since I moved to California.  I did not realize how special my daily trips to the local town center would be until my move to SoCal. Come to think of it, I was spoiled with the on -trend choices I had, the bargains and sales I would scavenge at the end of every season. As you are governed by the weather in the country you live in, you dress more according to that, so for someone like me who would wear layers, closed shoes, jackets and adding pieces to achieve different looks to wearing sandals 24/7, light cotton material and flowing pieces was a huge transition. I know it sounds all great and dandy and I absolutely love the CALI weather but remember it gets pretty HOT out here, and on the market most items are sleeveless or strapless… see what I’m getting at. I find that the Brits are more fearless and effortless as we usually create our own look and make it work somehow. You see we have British folks who wear skirts and shorts but it is paired with black opaque tights and instead of sandals you’re wearing it with converses or flats. Floral dresses or lace dresses are paired with a leather jacket and tights, skinny jeans paired with fishnet socks and trainers and it works, but over here in Sunny California you would be barking mad wearing all that. Okay, Okay I know I am over exaggerating this whole thing but I want you to understand the huge difference over here and understand my dilemma.

When I first arrived to CA, I did have a somewhat of a culture shock, I could not understand why people where so DAMN CASUAL! T-Shirt, jeans and converses. If I was going somewhere I’d be dressed pretty decent and presentable but not too dressy, and I would honestly feel that I stood out. I get the C A S U A L look, I do it myself, I have my hoody, sweat pants days too, but I genuinely felt no one made an effort over here. For me, wearing my everyday outfits was a normal thing to do, it is what I was used to, and I would get the odd compliments here and there but it didn’t click to me a little later on that it’s not the norm here. One way it made sense, it’s HOT most of the time of the year, it is a lot more relaxed and laid back and that is what people are used to. This leads me to the majority of the clothes that are sold here, to fit the weather and the laid back lifestyle people have here. Global stores like TOPSHOP, ZARA, H&M, All Saints (Fast fashion) have got it covered as generally the fashion stays the same in each country. The real struggle is finding stores that have a balance, here you have the lower end brand (Forever 21) and then the higher end designers, theres nothing in between. I don’t mind paying the extra bucks as long as it is great quality, modest covering and will last more than a year. With my mini rant over I found a local store called ‘No Rest for Bridget‘, they have a online site but I prefer the store as they have more items available.

Outfit Details

Top: No Rest For Bridget
Jeans: Zara
Rings: Monica Vinader
Watch: Burberry
Bag: Gucci


Mansur x