Skin 101: Coconut Oil

Today my lovely readers, I bring to you a post on a nut, a nut that has been used for 100’s of years in Asia for the hair and skin. As a matter of fact, Coconuts are not a nut but a drupe which grows high up on the trees and soaking up as much sun as they can. Coconuts are not revolutionary; they have been around for so many years but I have seen far too many crusty elbows and knees that I had to bring this to your attention.

Quick benefits:

  • Body Moisturizer
  • Homemade Hair Mask
  • Perfect for your Winter Dry Hands
  • Hydrating Lip Balm

Refined vs Raw (Pressed) Virgin

There has always been a debate between the two as they both do pretty much the same thing but they just go through a different process. Generally, refined coconut oil is produced from dried coconut pieces, sometimes bleached and deodorized to be more suitable for consumers. Raw virgin or cold pressed coconut oil are made from the first pressed of fresh, raw coconuts without the addition of any chemicals. I personally use Raw Virgin Coconut oil, due to its nutritional and health benefits, but always do your research when purchasing your very own Coconut oil.

How to use

I have been using Coconut oil for a very long time, my mother would massage it into my long, thick hair when I was younger until I was old enough to do my own hair…which is when I stopped using the oil as I preferred to not look like a greasy chip. And then I blossomed, went through various hair cuts and hair coloring, graduated University and thought DAMN I need to start looking after myself. I did the basics by always wearing sunscreen, moisturizing the skin from top to bottom, body scrubs, but my poor hair did not get much love. I was then reunited with Coconut oil, the proper stuff. And plus I was planning to get married in a few years so I knew I wanted my skin to be super soft and smooth that even melted ice cream slides down perfectly. That’s what your man is going to remember ‘She had the softest skin’, so us ladies we need to look after ourselves and always prep ahead. Thank me later.

Hair mask 

I apply the Coconut oil the night before I am going to wash my hair, deeply massaging it in to my scalp using circular motions. There is no need to melt the oil beforehand, the heat from your fingers and your scalp will melt the product instantly. Imagine your head in 6 parts, you have the top half and the bottom half and you split them both in three (center, right and left). I then use a plastic comb to comb out my hair and complete it with a braid or a low ponytail. I sleep directly on my pillow (you can use a towel or an old pillow case), the oil is transparent so it will not stain your pillow case. However, do wash frequently as no one wants to sleep on a pillow that has had some oil on. I do this hair mask 3 times a month.


5 years and 3 jars later I think you can say my skin has absorbed a lot of coconut oil. I remember back in the UK, the Winters were pretty harsh. My hands would become super dry in the cold, flaky skin as well as some peeling, dryness between the fingers and knuckles and just overall felt very dry. I don’t suffer from dry skin but when Winter would come it was horrible, no matter how much moisturizer I would apply it never helped. I would use this oil and a hand cream every day and viola, it solved my problem. I did this every winter and never saw my crusty dry hands again.

After a hot steamy shower when my pores are wide open 👀  I slather myself in coconut oil. Okay maybe not go too crazy, but I massage the oil in to my skin from neck to toe. What I love about this oil is that it absorbs in to the skin pretty quickly so I don’t have to worry about staining my clothes. In addition to applying the oil, I then moisturize with my Aveeno Body Lotion all over the body to really lock in that moisture. This is a must, make sure to go over the layer of oil with whatever body lotion you have.

“Remember your face is the only one you have, look after it and it will look after you”


There’s a reason why I have not mentioned the face regarding this oil. I personally wouldn’t recommend to use coconut oil on the face after EVERY shower or everyday. The reason being the face skin is more delicate and it is always in the open. It is visible to air pollution and environmental congestion. By adding a heavy oil, you may invite dirt to sit in to your pores. I guess once in a while it is okay when you want that ‘pick me up’ skin look, and sometimes we need that. I would stick to a specific  oil or serum that is recommended for the face, which I will share in a future post.  I have met several dermatologists, and they all have mentioned coconut oil is the BEST, and your skin will thank you in your 30’s and 40’s. Remember your face is the only one you have, look after it and it will look after you. 

Where to buy:

Amazon (US)
Holland & Barrett (UK)

Mansur x