Get to know me

1. How tall are you?

5′ 3″.  That’s what I’ve been going with for a good few years! However, some lady did say I was 5′ 2″ but I refuse to settle with that height number. Although I have been told I look short in pictures and taller in person… is that true?

2. How many countries have you visited?

9 so far, I visited 5 alone last year 👀 and hoping to visit more in the future. You can tell by now that I want to be a ‘world traveler’ and that is my goal in life to visit new countries and cities and just explore what this world has to offer.

3. What is your favorite perfume?

YSL Cinema. I’m a die-hard fan of this fragrance. I first discovered this fragrance through a friend who had a impressive collection of perfumes, and back then I couldn’t really afford to purchase high quality Eau de Parfum so I honestly saved up money to go ahead and purchase a 90ml bottle. Best decision I made, the fragrance sat really with my body hormones with its Amber, Peony and White Musk notes.

Buy it here: YSL Cinema

4. How many Boyfriends have you had?

Well, minus my better half who I met when I was 18, prior to that I did not have any. I was one of those girls who wasn’t really interested in creating those kinds of relationships, they were either my friends, class or work friends. If those ‘friends’ showed any interest, I would drop them as friends. Harsh, I know, but I did not have the time of the day or wanted to deal with the awkwardness. Also did I mention I have two older brothers so that wouldn’t have worked out too well 😂

5. Funniest moment throughout School?

I’m already laughing, Oh there were so many funny moments in school but I’ll share one with you guys. Back in High School, being lunch break and a typical desi (another word for Indian for all my uninitiated readers!) we hated being outside in the cold. The canteen was only allowed to be used for food purposes so me and my friends would go for ‘walkies’ inside the school, places where teachers weren’t monitoring the halls ways. So me and my friend were hanging outside our science lab class (next lesson after lunch break) and there is always a fire extinguisher outside the lab for emergencies. Can you tell where this is going?… I honestly don’t know what possessed me and my friend to do this but we got the Fire Extinguisher and sprayed the whole class including the desks, the white boards and chairs. So comes next lesson and we get their early of course to see the teachers reaction, well not too early, early enough where there are students around. And was she upset, she was fuming… ” WHO DID THIS?” , ‘Oh no what happened Miss’ 👀… and the rest is history.

Kids do not try this at School!

6. Do you speak any other language?

Believe it or not my mother tongue is Urdu, I was born and raised speaking this language and I still don’t understand why people are surprised by this. It does cause some confusion as some say I should be speaking Gujarati (which I know also but that’s because of friends). Gujarati is the language my husbands side of the family speak but it’s the different kind which I’m still getting used to. I learnt French in school but I don’t think I can even speak a full sentence in French.

7. Favorite Movie?

G L A D I A T O R.

8. Can you cook?

I’m Gordon Ramsey in my Kitchen. You’ll have to ask my husband…

The Husband: You all know the famous Drake line: “Been cookin’ with the saucechef, curry with the pot, boy”. Well, you’ve not seen Amru with the pot, BOY! 😉 


9. You’ve gone to 711 to get milk and decide to buy your partner a treat, what did you buy?

A Cherry Coke Slurpee and these Ice Cream Cookie sandwiches he loves.

10. What inspired you to start a blog?

I wanted a somewhat online diary, something I can go back to every few years and re live some of my memories. Also I’ve always had an urge to share my knowledge with the world whether its beauty, food, fashion related or even an experience. To me it honestly doesn’t matter if I don’t get thousands and thousands of views  (you need to have YouTube on the side for that), but if I have one person who reads my posts I’m happy.

11. Easiest Person To Talk to?

I have two people in mind, one being my partner. This may be a ‘well of course she is going to say that’ but you won’t believe how many couples are out there that don’t have this kind of connection. He is a really good listener, either he’s got it down on how to treat a woman or just knows what he’s doing. I can tell him anything, anything. I think he knows it all from the good to the gruesome 😂 And the other is my good friend ‘Mary’, I can tell her anything, even if it is graphical, come to think of it, it’s the other way round, she’s extremely graphical 👀.

12. X-rays you’ve had

Just the once, when I had to go for a physical examination before my move to California. I had demanded for a female to take the Chest X-Ray, I created a whole fuss which was not needed as the X-Ray was done by being fully clothed. But hey I got to see my lungs, they seem to look good.

13. Were you named after anyone?

Ha, no one. I was named by my grandmother because she wanted it to rhyme with my older siblings. Till this day I am still don’t know what it actually means.

14. Whats something you can’t do?


15. Can you teach me how to be Extra?

No, we already have enough of those kind of people in the world. Just be you and do you.

OOTD Details:
BP Jumper
Zara Velvet Leggings

Hi 5 if you made it to the bottom, Thank you.

Mansur x