San Francisco : A Mini Getaway

Fisherman Wharfs Pier

While I was away in San Francisco, many messages rolled in to my inbox regarding any recommendations (especially food 👀) and what to do in SF. One of the reasons I started my blog was so that I could share my experiences with you guys, make recommendations and give as many tips and tricks as possible along the way. I personally love to look in to a place before making plans, it speeds up the decision making process and you get more votes on your ideas 😝 especially when you are traveling with a group. This is how it goes down in my head –  Reader ‘Oh Amreen’s been to this place, let me quickly check her blog to see the must have food and what to do in this place that I’m so lost in’ 😬 (Thats how it goes down? Right?)

Fisherman’s Wharf

For some Good Ole Fish and Chips. There are many around but the one you must go to is a small caravan called ‘The Codmother Fish and Chips’ it was #1 on YELP in the area and the owner is of course British, who was a pleasure to meet. The only thing that was missing was mushy peas and gravy but its all good, it was just as satisfying especially when being in the US, you’ve got to make do.

Also plenty of sea lion sunbathing action 😂

Golden Gate Bridge

I would recommend to visit the Bridge earlier on the day as it can get quite busy with tourists and there are not many parking spots, especially at the view points 📸. We had the legendary Mini Cooper which worked out perfectly for us in the busy city and being able to park it in the smallest spots. We stopped at one of the highest view spots and one right under the bridge. The main 📸 spot was too busy and no cars would budge for us to be allowed in 😞.  I had actually whipped out my Google Maps, worked some magic and I had found a park which was under the bridge and seemed like a good spot to take “Couple Pictures”. This was a godsend; it was empty with just a few people cycling and jogging. Location: Warming Hut Cafe, drive down Marine Dr and park (Free Parking)

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Marine Drive – Golden Gate Bridge

The Codmother Fish and Chips

Ghirardelli Square 

Ghirardelli chocolate was founded in San Francisco by an Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli, and now it is one the most popular chocolates in California. It’s the perfect place for an evening stroll in local markets, cafes or for grabbing yourself a hot chocolate and a tin full of different flavors of the Ghirardelli Chocolates (perfect gifts to take back home ). 

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I wish I could eat this all day”

In San Carlos,  an Indo Chinese food restaurant that serve a huge variety of seafood dishes, they also allow some dishes to be cooked to a sauce of your choice for example, Schezwan, Manchurian or Hot Garlic. At one point I even said ‘I wish I could eat this all day’🙊

Afghan Kebob

Surrounded by traditional Afghani art, pictures, and decor, Afghan Kebob in Fremont serves their food in family-style platters with rice and a selection of deliciously cooked, tender meat. While all the food was amazing, the standout here is definitely the lamb chops 👌🏽


Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Carmel by the Sea and Pebble Beach

We visited a cute Hobbit town and while it has no relation to Hobbit, it certainly reminded me of a town straight out of the movie. The whole street was on a buzz, there were restaurants, cafes, specialty furnishing stores, and clothing stores in the most tiniest looking buildings (see now you know why I called it a Hobbit town). We ate at a Italian restaurant called Porte Bella. I recommend the Mushroom soup and the Shrimp pasta…and of course the complimentary bread (ohoho). The owner is actually Jordanian; a lovely welcoming man who also owns the restaurant next door which has more of a Mediterranean taste. There was actually a line for both of the restaurants so definitely reserve a table beforehand.

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Insane Again”

From the town, we headed to the popular destination ‘Pebble Beach’ and it’s home to the most beautiful Golf Course surrounded by the ocean, beaches and mansions. Imagine the view of the ocean and sunset while golfing, honestly it was insane! I can’t even explain but part of the golf course was on a cliff by the ocean (insane again). From there we joined on to the famous scenic drive dubbed the “17 Mile Drive”. As we drove past the ocean and the beautiful homes of the rich folks, we ended up playing a little game to who was partying it up for Thanksgiving 😹 you could tell which houses were having a party as the whole house was decorated and lit up. It was a beautiful drive and we were fortunate enough to catch the sunset. God has blessed this world with so much beauty already but I do wonder what he has in store for us in PARADISE.

Pebble Beach

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Mansur x