The Beauty Blender


All sponges are Beauty Blenders except the Orange sponge is by Real Technique

What’s all the fuss about the sponge?

Let me introduce you to my favorite tool of all time, the Beauty Blender. It’s a girl’s best friend when it comes to doing
F L A W L E S S makeup.

I remember the small white wedges that my aunts would use and then dispose them, I’ve personally used them and have had them in my kit for other purposes. I also owned a few brushes and damn! they were expensive, one foundation brush cost me £17.00 and I wasn’t earning a penny in those days. It all came from my hard earned savings and skipping school lunches 😭 But I always wanted the good stuff and I couldn’t settle for anything less.

Around 6 years ago I had purchased my first ever Beauty Blender and it had completed my life. No Exaggeration, true words. This changed my make up game, my blending technique, the amount of pressure I applied to my face and how flawless my make up looked. It was a much faster technique for me that I would skip using brushes on my face entirely. Till this day I am using the Beauty Blender as my main tool for applying products on my face whether its foundation, contour, cream blusher, high lighter or baking. The blender fits perfectly in your hands, you can get in to all corners (inner eye, around nose) and also blend your foundation evenly up to your hair line.

Tell me, are there any DUPES?

To be frank, I’ve tried many ‘dupe’ sponges before I got a BB and they were 1/4 in price but they just never did it for me, they were just so… meh! They wouldn’t last as long, sudden holes would appear and the sponges would dry out much quicker than a BB. There is only one sponge that has come close to the BB and that is the Real Technique Sponge (shopping link is provided below). I do carry Real Technique sponges in my kit as well as the Beauty Blenders, the difference is that one end of the sponge is sliced to form a flat base to apply foundation much easier. However, I do prefer the dome shape of the BB as it allows me to to use cream blushers which can be focused on the apples of the cheeks. I know $20 / £16 is a bit much for a small sponge (my thought initially) but it is worth every penny and I would buy it over and over again. They last longer than any other sponges I have tried. I only change mine every 6 months…if that (I clean mine after every use, I make time for it before I leave 😊) the Beauty Blender holds enough moisture so that you are able to blend, blend, blend until your makeup look is complete.


How to use:

  • Run under the faucet and completely wet through, squeezing water out while you do this.
  • Once Beauty Blender size has increased and is wet through, I like to squeeze the Beauty Blender inside a towel to remove any excess water (1-2 times)
  • I apply the foundation with my finger and dot all over my face and then using the sponge to blend out.
    • I use either the bottom round of the sponge or the sides and press in to the skin, I add quite a lot of pressure to the pressing of the sponge as I want the product to be pressed in to my skin and to stay put. And I press and press and press all around my face and neck. BLEND TILL YOUR ARMS ACHE GURL!
      • TIP ALERT: I also spray a make up setting spray on the sponge and then blend foundation out on my clients so their make up lasts longer.
  • I use the corner of the sponge to blend out concealers, contours and also to add translucent powder under the eye for setting the undereyes/ baking.
  • Finally, once my makeup look is complete and set with powder, I still go on in with my beauty blender and BLEND BLEND BLEND, whether its over my blusher, highlighter, t-zone, over the eyebrows. I like it to look AIRBRUSHED and the whole look to look all in one.

How to clean:  I throughly rinse under water and use a bar of soap to completely clean the sponge by squeezing out all the product build up in the sponge. Once washed, I towel dry the sponge and place on my table to air dry. 


One of my beautiful clients from a photo shoot, see how soft and well blended her make up looks and how the light bounces off the correct areas. More images on Instagram @mansurbeauty

Where to buy:

Sephora Beauty Blender (USA)
Walmart Real Technique Miracle Sponge ($4.98 CHEAPEST!!)
Walmart 2 Real Technique Miracle Sponge ($9.86 for 2)
Cult Beauty Beauty Blender (UK)
Boots Real Technique Miracle Sponge (£5.99!!)

Mansur x