Indian Summer

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Some of you may or may not know that I had gone to a girls getaway weekend (Austere Attire Retreat) in Palm Springs. A house full of 15+ girls, with a pool and jacuzzi, kitchen and the whole house to ourselves. Oh! what fun we had and talk about letting loose Americans know how to get down and don’t you just love the fact that you can have fun and let loose without people being so judgmental. It was a fantastic trip but I could not wait to hibernate in my bed for a couple of days as I was running low on sleep.

A few of the girls decided to visit Salvation Mountain, I quickly googled for images and I thought perfect for photo op 👀  (Of Course). The drive was an hour long, blasting AC while squeezing four girls in the back (a lot of elbowing while we danced). Our drive view was endless date trees, a random lake that no one would go to as it’s too hot to step outside. We entered Slab City which smelt like rot and looked like it was a home to meth addicts (YUP) and there in the distance was a small mountain painted in bright colors.

Once we arrived, I realized it’s a very Jesus loving place with many messages from the bible written across various locations… maybe the verses were there for those who are drug addicts in the city to bring them to the light? I don’t know✋🏽 . It was actually a pretty place that stank of weed but it’s all good as were only their for the pictures.

I received so many compliments regarding my outfit and how cute it looked. Honestly it was such a comfortable piece to wear (minus when going to the bathroom). Again it’s the same concept of a slip dress but in a playsuit version and I paired it with a plain white t-shirt. I purchased this playsuit from TOPSHOP, however I have linked similar outfits below.

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