Master Palette by Mario | Anastasia Beverly Hills


I HATE Palettes

I’ve never got along with them, always been left disappointed, the shades you want to use aren’t pigmented enough, some don’t work with my skin tone and some you just question ‘Why are you even in this palette?’. I moved on by purchasing individual shades, slightly more expensive but it worked for me as I was able to choose which shades I wanted in my very own palette. Then came along Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette, a palette I could not put down. She did an amazing job putting these colors together and they worked so well on myself and on clients. Even the hot pink shade ‘Love Letter’ worked beautifully on the lash-line on one of my brown eyed clients.

ABH Renaissance Palette (Buy HERE)

Master Palette by Mario

Whether you like Kim Kardashian or not, her makeup is on fleek! (Yes it’s heavy duty make up). I say this because she is a brown eyed girl with long black lashes, full brows and that’s the profile of many of us out here. Mario has worked with Kim for many years, he has worked on many fashion and beauty campaigns and also faces we see in the media today. Oh, and also, his work is planted everywhere on the Instagram feed, so why would you not want his eyeshadows??!

The shades are just as I expected, buttery, pigmented and blend-able. 12 eyeshadows in  warm, earthy, natural tones which range from mid-tone to warmer shades. You won’t find many light colors or a brow bone shade (depending on your skin tone) but I find the shades pack on well after the excess is tapped off as these are more velvety, soft and powdery shadows. Apply wet or dry or if you’re super cool like me  use INGLOT Duraline which turns any eye shadow in to a stronger pigment or eyeliner.

dsc05693 dsc05696

Where to Buy:

Sephora (International shipping available)
Anastasia Beverly Hills (SOLD OUT)
Inglot Duraline (US)
Inglot Duraline (UK)

But I only like 1 or 2 shades?

You may not be in to the whole palette thing, or don’t have access to this palette in your country or you just want 1 to 3 shades. I got you covered boo…

Here are some Anastasia Beverly Hills Shades that that will give you a similar look:

Mario | ABH Shades
Hollywood | Suede                             Claudia | Denim Smokey

NYC | Truffle                                       5th Ave | 10K

Kim | Copper Shimmer                     Bronx | Moss

Muse | Comfort                                   Paris | Brownie

Marina | Glisten

Matte Shades
Lula | Fawn

Isabel | Burnt Orange

Violeta | Fudge

ABH Eye shadow singles  | US & International Shipping (Buy Here)

Mansur x