The Lost City of PETRA


One of the most phenomenal gorges on the earth, I present to you the City of PETRA! One of the 8 wonders of the world?? (that’s another one off the bucket list), this place really does live up to the hype. It was built by the Nabataeans 2000 years ago, a regional trading route or a trading hub thus allowing them to become super rich! They were also known for their ability in water construction and collecting methods and Damn! were they SMART especially when you read the architectural background on their water pumping and dam building system.

We started off with a short horse ride to take us to the start of The Siq (walk between the rocks before you get to one of the treasuries). Yup that’s me on the horse rocking the Keffiyeh (head scarf) with my cousin who was as ecstatic as me although she did think she was heading down to the Dead Sea  💁🏽.

dsc04249 Walking through the Siq towards the Al Khazneh (the treasury)
dsc04251 Beautiful red, white and pink sandstonesdsc04267 Almost there… through the Siq you can see Al Khazneh dsc04288 Al Khazneh (The Treasury)dsc04389 dsc04329dsc04360 dsc04379Wearing: H&M Blouse, Zara Culottes, Calvin Klein trainers

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The craziest thing is this is hidden between mountains, from a distance the whole mountain and rock formation was completely different compared to the rest of the mountains in Jordan. All 15 of us decided to take a camel ride around the treasury, we did not leave one camel for any other tourists. I have never sat on a camel before so you can just imagine me screaming (it’s the worse when they get up and sit down) but once I got used to my new friend Zu Zu it was a pleasant ride. I managed to take some camera shots while on the camel and you can see there are more treasuries and tombs carved in the mountains as well as a small theater. From what I remember correctly the theater was built by the Greek Romans when they had taken over the Nabataeans.

The ‘Lost City’ had me wonderstruck, I was walking on the paths where trades once had taken place,  where the Nabataeans had carved their art (or idols), built tombs for the royals and to find that that are nothing inside these treasuries, ZILCH!
I do wonder what it would be like to be a Nabataean woman back in 312 B.C …

Mansur x