How to style: Slip Dress

img_0224Black T-shirt: Zara
Slip Dress: Sorry its an oldie
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Céline Nano
Choker: HRH Collection

Granted i’m not close to NYFW or LFW (I will be one day! iA), today I will share with you a look that is fall appropriate in SOCAL. It’s currently 100 F (38C)  😭  so we don’t get much of FALL WEATHER. Back in the UK Autumn/Fall was one of my favorite seasons as it wasn’t bitter cold, the usual pairing would be tights, boots and a matching vampy lip. Over here in LA the closest I’m going to get to fall is by wearing fall colors (that’s the spirit Amreen).

Now that the Summer is over (YEAH RIGHT, IM DYING IN THIS HEAT) I have left my culottes behind (yeah probably will take them out again) and moved on to the slip dress. You will probably find a slip dress in your wardrobe, have a good dig in, the ones where you would pair it with a sweater. But now that we have moved on in the fashion world we can now pair the slip dress with t-shirts, polo necks, crop tops, whatever works for you. And guess what it’s COOL and not because your mum said so (some of you know what I’m talking about… Desi parents 🙈)

I’ve kept it simple with a black t-shirt and a pair of thin tights, the actual slip dress is made out of a silk material that’s pretty flowing. The ‘Choker” is actually a double wrap bracelet by HRH Collection, I was tired of wearing the same gold chain choker I have and it sprung to me that maybe this could work. I received so many compliments, happily informed them thats it’s an actual bracelet. So you may have a double wrap bracelet lying round or a piece of fabric that could do the trick.

Mansur x