Hawaii: Maui & Hana Highway

Day 1

Kapalua, Maui

After taking a short flight from Oahu we arrived on what looked like an Emerald crown. For a moment I actually thought I would be staying in the jungle for the next 3 days. Well I wasn’t far off, the drive in our Jeep to our hotel felt like there was only one main road on this whole island. Once we checked in to The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua, this changed everything. We had a beautiful balcony suite and the views were just as amazing. A three tier pool with the view of the pacific ocean, hammocks scattered around the resort and a clear pathway between golf courses and palm trees which lead to the beach hut restaurant. We decided to spend the day relaxing since we had booked ourselves a couples spa treatment in the outdoor cabana prior to the trip.

DSC02476 DSC02487 DSC02551DSC02519 DSC02538DSC02556DSC02570Burger Shack: Mahi Mahi burger and sweet potato fries
DSC02574Ritz Carlton Spa

Day 2

Hana Highway

If you don’t know what the famous Hana route is, it is basically a windy road that takes you around (technically) the island, starts from Kahului and leads to a small town called Hana. Its an impressive route where you have the azure ocean on one side and on the left you have the rushing waterfalls and pools, luxuriant jungles of bamboo and at least 59 bridges (mostly one lane bridges). I had found a guide online of the top 10 places to visit whilst on this route, mostly of them consists of the different waterfall stops. We started our drive with fresh coconut and sugar cane juice and some fruit snacks.
W A R N I N G: This route can only be driven between 10-15mph due to the crazy windy roads (600 turns), there are no service stops/gas stops until you get to Hana, there is no reception service or road lights. You must plan your trip early in the morning so then you can make it back in time before its gets dark as the drive can get dangerous.

Surprise! Surprise .. we started our journey at 1pm 😑, and not with a full tank of gas 😑😑 so I’m sure you could imagine the uneasy feeling we had when we were two hours in to our drive with no reception. We had made quite a few stops to enjoy the views and seeing the different water falls but it did get to a point where I felt “how many more waterfalls do I need to see?”. We finally made it to the Hana town and for some reason I was expecting an actual busy town with local people, markets and places to eat. To our surprise there was one gas station, one hotel and a few homes which lead me to question how do they even get gas to this gas station?! How do they import anything here? Who would even want to drive back and forth from here?!!?!?!?

As we had completed the Hana route, in my head I was thinking ‘ I did not come all this way and to not visit the BLACK SAND BEACH!’, there were no signs or directions to state where it was and we had already passed it when making our stop in Hana town but it was my mission to find this place. Luckily we found a sign to a camp site which we drove in to and TADAA! Black sand beach and fresh water caves. Spending half an hour in this place made the whole Hana route worth it! I was blown away with the beauty of how volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago had formed this field of picturesque sea arches, mysterious lava caves and unpredictable blowholes. The contrast of the black pebble lava field and the deep blue-green ocean you would be in awe too.

DSC02578 DSC02586 DSC02595 DSC02599 DSC02619 DSC02624 DSC02634 DSC02636 DSC02663 DSC02686 DSC02702

Day 3

Our final full day in Maui, was not a planned one. We were exhausted from the previous day and had to pack to leave to another hotel which was closer to the airport. With the help of hotel leaflets and google we booked ourselves a submarine ride in the late afternoon. By now you must have guessed that we are quite the spontaneous couple, but we were expecting a disney version of a submarine and not an actual submarine where we had to take a boat out in to the deep ocean.
DSC02717 Atlantis Submarine, Maui
DSC02718 DSC02731 DSC02769Down the Hatch, Maui

Deep in to the ocean we went and what it had felt like we were in another world. Seeing different types of fishes, a purposely sunken ship to produce corals for the fishes and divers in action. We were given a nice a visit from the wild dolphins 🐬 (not trained) who had preferred our company and gave us quite a show 😍 This whole trip and island experience has been a great treat and I cannot wait to visit more islands of Hawaii.

Mansur x