Hawaii: Oahu & Honolulu

Day 1

Oahu, Ko Olina

We arrived early morning 6 am after a 9 hour flight, we had crossed back to American territory and now gained a whole new Saturday… Don’t you just love time 🕕

This worked out perfect for us as we were able to go straight to our hotel in Ko Olina Beach, enjoy a big breakfast and freshen up and get ready for the day. We ended up heading out late afternoon and tried out a place called ‘Da Crawfish and Crabshack’ and if you’re a seafood lover, then their Cajun shelled shrimps were the BOMB! on the side we also got two Mahi Mahi burgers with fries, which was devoured in minutes 😂. Most restaurants in Hawaii cook freshly caught seafood so I’m sure you can imagine the texture. We headed to the DOLE PLANTATION, which is a historic Pineapple plantation that attracts many tourists through out the year as it is now open to the public, where you can enjoy a train tour, gardens, Dole Whip (of course) and other activities. F U N  F A C T: Pineapples grow out of the ground, from a leafy plant and not on trees. Can you believe that!!! OH! there wasn’t just Pineapple fields, but we discovered banana trees, sugar cane, cacao, papayas plus lots more.

The Ko Olina area is so beautiful, as you’re surrounded by 100% nature and beautiful serene views. Depending on which side you are driving on the island, it is difficult to see the sunset, coincidentally we found Sunset beach  (Im sure you can guess from the name). Before heading to the beach we wanted to grab a few snacks for a mini picnic. However, we were in a local area and we didn’t see many tourists 👍🏽, which means you will not find your local Target kind of convenience store in these areas as the locals and community prefer to keep it all as natural as possible. So it’s literally finding things yourself and of course with the help of Yelp! and Google. This is when we came across TEDS BAKERY! nothing fancy, just a ‘in need a of good lick of paint, doors, windows’ store with a few fridges of cakes and pies and serving hot food over the counter. There was a random washing machine outside and odd looking cabins where the cakes are made. We picked up mini macadamia nuts with chocolate chip cookies, coconut buttercream cake, pistachio nuts and water. We had no idea how famous TEDS BAKERY was, or how good the food was but we were certainly in for a S U R P R I S E!

The cake was just Beautiful. It was heavenly. I still think about it till this day🙂🙃
The cake itself was well made, moist, spongy and not dry at all. I looked at my husband and told him ‘I want more!’ 


DSC02128 DSC02129 DSC02153 DSC02175 DSC02176 DSC02177 DSC02200

Day 2

Spent the morning at the Hotels beach, trying to snorkel. I won’t even go there and discuss my many failed attempts 😅 . As we had 3 days to spend on this island, we divided the island in to three sections. On this day we decided to visit the top half of Oahu and visit Kaneohe. My partner, the darling that he is had booked an ATV tour at Kualoa Ranch, running on adrenalin I was completely up for it and not realizing what I was getting myself in to. Driving to Kaneohe we started to see the difference in the weather, there was heavy clouds, fog and lots of wet land 💧W A R N I N G: The weather changes every 45 minutes💧I would recommend taking a waterproof jacket with you when visiting these islands as we got soaked in minutes to what we thought was a beautiful sunny day. As we had some time before our ATV tour started, right opposite the ranch was a park/beach area and in the distant was the captivating Island Mokoli’i.

DSC02201 DSC02205Hotels beach
  DSC02248Island Mokoli’i

The ATV tour was by far the best thing I had experienced on this Island. With me in front, and the others behind me, we trekked through the muddy ditches with plenty of rocks 😅, through the mountains with the ocean view and in to the Rainforest. We got the opportunity to see where Jurassic Park was filmed, Hawaii Five-0, The Hunger Games and Hurley’s golf course from Lost. To be frank, it all looked the same to me as there was a lot of green land and mountains.

Once we finished at the ranch, I made a quick change in to an outfit so then we could continue our little adventure. We drove further down the island and stopped at Makapuu lookout, this is where we saw Rabbit Island.  After enjoying the breezy view we headed back to the hotel to relax and to get ready for a dinner date.



DSC02291Wearing: Topshop top/ Zara(AUS) Pants

Day 3

Honolulu City

It was our final day on the Island Oahu so we decided to stay in the city Honolulu. WOW! what a difference, it did not feel like I was in Hawaii, the island nature vibes were gone, no more looking out the window and seeing green mountains instead we saw tall buildings, shopping malls, and plenty of foot traffic 🙄. Maybe I got used to being surrounded by nature and its beauty that coming to the city was a slight disappointment. When I speak of disappointment, Im relating it to how the nature of this island was stripped away to fit tourists needs, a real shame if you ask me. If you ever visit Oahu then please do stay away from Honolulu city if you really want to have the Hawaiian experience.

For brunch I used the magnificent app YELP! and found this cute place called ‘Cream Pot’, where we had omelets, souffle pancakes and shakes. We took a tour on the local bus which had open windows and a beautiful breeze, it made a few stops around the city but we stayed on the bus until we got the main shopping strip.

DSC02350 DSC02359 DSC02372 DSC02379 DSC02394 DSC02407 DSC02414 Wearing: Zara Sequin blouse /  Topshop Jeans / Pieces Backpack 

DSC02466 DSC02471

Hope you all enjoyed this lengthy post, I wanted to try and fit in as much information as I could and did not want to miss any details, as those who want to travel to Oahu, Hawaii will have something to go back to as a reference. Hope you’re ready for another lengthy upcoming post on Maui, Hawaii 😊

Mansur x