How to Style Culottes

From the French name Culottes (Underwear), this hot new season pants are seen everywhere since the last year. It breaks from the short shorts, leather pants and midi skirts and gives you more of a sophisticated, Parisian (doh), well structured and chic effortless look.

Untitled-3Wearing: Zara flow top/ Zara (AUS) Culottes/ Burberry watch

Culottes are a summer must-have wardrobe item. There are so many ways to its pairings where it be a loose T-shirt, buttoned down shirt, or when you’re in holiday mode like me you experiment with colors and prints. It also looks great with a boxy crop top or a Bardot Top/Jumper 😍. I’ve never been a fan of skinny jeans with crop tops or as some wear it with leggings 🙄, it’s never looked good and never will.

The goal for this post is to show how I paired my culottes in HOLIDAY MODE, I have a more of well put together evening dinner look in one my previous posts ‘Catching Sunset’ so do go ahead and check that out. There is something about Culottes, where a slight glimpse of your leg showing adds femininity to your look and flatters your shape. May I just say, in HOT weather they are amazing to wear as the slight breeze can keep your legs cool. One of the main reasons why I opted to take culottes with me on holiday than dresses and jeans. 

If you have shoes that you’ve invested in, then culottes are the perfect way to show them off or even pairing with sandals or for more of a casual look with trainers. I can see these pants transitioning from Spring to Summer to Fall and all can be paired differently. I also love the look when styled with a long jacket/coat (almost the length as the pants) or even an open Abaya 👌🏽. With Culotte pants you can look like a luxurious vacationer or a fashionable professional woman, depending on how they have been styled. 

Untitled-2Wearing: Armani Culottes/ Topshop top/ Zara Sandals/ Gucci Side bag

Untitled-1 Wearing: Newlook Culotte Playsuit/ Zara Croptop/ Zara Sandals/ Gucci Side bag/ Mr’s RayBans

While being on holiday, I found many Asians rocking the culotte look (and dungarees) and this was a pat on the back moment for me because come on Koreans/ Japanese fashion is always on point and it looks so effortlessly on them. Hands up if you love their fashion 🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽🖐🏽 because I certainly do. Hope you enjoyed the few images I put together for this post, comment below which one was your favorite look.

Mansur x