I present to you Pat McGrath Skin Fetish collection in Golden and Nude. These are fairly new products on the market and I have searched for in depth reviews of these products to no avail. As such, I thought to myself “why not review these yourself?” Without further ado…

In each kit comes 3 items, a dual-ended stick with a balm and highlighter, a pigment and a stippling brush made in Japan to apply the pigment. The kit retails for $72 from, which I feel is a fair price as you are getting high quality products along with a brush.


DSC01265DSC01291 DSC01297

I received these just before my holiday (Thank you 🙌🏽 FLASH 2 DAY SHIPPING) which was perfect timing as I was able to test them out in two different climates. Both pigment shades are stunning as one is a golden-champagne and would look beautiful on olive to dark skin tones. The nude shade is an iridescent lilac which works well with fairer skin tones but honestly speaking, no matter what your skin tone is, they both look beautiful when applied.

Okay, lets talk about the balm…it’s a non-sticky clear balm (and if you’re thinking Vaseline it’s no where near that) and I apply it with my fingers in a patting motion right above the cheekbones instead of applying it straight from the stick (I plan to use it on clients). The consistency of this balm is neither thick nor tacky but glides on beautifully and has a gloss finish which looks very natural. I would consider the balm as being the base of the highlight and by just applying it, it had already given a subtle glow to the cheeks. To give you an idea about the ease of  use, imagine freshly cleansed skin, fully moisturized and hydrated, and all  you have to do is apply the balm in the areas where you want the glow/dewy look, without looking like you’ve tried so hard then this would be prefect as it has a natural finish. The balm has multiple purposes as it can be applied straight on to your collar bones, shoulders and even on the eyelids for a smoky glossy look.

Next step, Highlight! Depending on the color you choose between the golden or nude, you will use the same patting motion on top of the already applied balm. This adds radiance to your skin, a layer of vivid glow and makes you constantly want to look in the mirror at all angles because you can’t get enough of the gorgeous glow you have from just the balm and highlight (True story 😂) Okay, You won’t look like a disco ball just yet but honestly by this point I was in LOVE, Hearts popping out of my eyes L O V E 😍

Finally, the 🍒on top… Pigment! You swirl your brush in to the pigment light handedly (I promise you it has picked up the pigment even though it may not seem visible) and apply over the highlighted area. The pigment is finely milled glitter which sticks very well on the balm texture. However, it may get in to areas where you don’t want it to so a quick trick would be to use one of those clear plastic sheets you get over your powder foundations, blushers or anything you can use to cover the area before applying. This product is pretty INTENSE 👀 as it seriously ramps up the highlight to the next level * 10 🎆 but in a good way as it looks amazing with full face of makeup as well as a natural look. My signature look is mascara, blusher and lipstick on moisturized skin, and I have used all three Pat McGrath products with this look making sure its well blended and it has looked just as beautiful.



Packaging: A holographic packet filled with a crazy amount of sequins which create a terrible mess but at the same time a genius idea ( perfect for Insta videos, images, gifs) . The dual-ended stick lids shut tight on the balm and highlight 👍🏽 , no shattering mess from the pigment during 4 flights👍🏽 👍🏽 and will easily fit in to your travel case as the items are not bulky 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Lasting time: Everyone is wondering how long would a balm texture, layered with powder pigment last on the skin? I would say a good 3-6 hours on normal to dry skin. I did not expect it to be super long-lasting due to the finish this product gives, and bearing in mind it is a wet gloss look and has a lot of cream textures in the mix. It is very easy to wipe off so I’d recommend not touching it once applied. 

Would I recommend? HELL YES! It can be used in so many different ways and you don’t have to use the pigment provided as any powdered highlighters will do.

Score: 4/5

Mansur x