Australia: Sydney

We arrived in Sydney on Monday 6:00 AM, after a 16 hour flight all I could think about is taking a HOT bath and having a nap. That is exactly what I did, well I couldn’t really nap as I was way to excited to be here where as my partner was already snoring away next to me 👀 (give my man a bed and he’s ready to snooze and all I can think about is 🍝🍉🍮🍹) DSC02085DSC01361DSC01422DSC01340DSC01399
Wearing: New Look Culottes/playsuit, Zara crop top, Zara Red Leather sandals


We had deliberately booked our hotel in the city center, closer to the Sydney Harbour so we could get to and from places easily. The Sydney Opera house, Harbour Bridge, and the Harbour itself was walking distance so we were able to visit these places on the first day and not worry about transportation. Main transportation for us was Uber, as it was pointless hiring a car in a busy city center (think Central London but better weather and palm trees), and using Ferries to get to different bays. Let me tell you, ferries in Sydney are considered as public transport, yes, public transport! I actually couldn’t believe how many ferries (large ferries) were coming in and going out and how so many working people relied on them. Sydney workers generally use ferries or scooters to get around the city and to work. The amount of scooters I saw parked up outside office buildings 😯, imagine me on a scooter with business attire on and a handbag, yup there were women who did this but played it smart by wearing flip flops and then changing in to work shoes.

DSC01715 DSC01713DSC01851

‘There is no sincerer love than the love of food’
Those who know me will know that I love to eat and try new things, the same is with my partner (perfect match 💕), so we had already researched a few places beforehand that we wanted to try. One being ‘Ribs & Burgers’ where Halaal preparations was requested, everything on the menu was gourmet and made fresh in an open kitchen. Another place that we loved going to was Malaysian street food called ‘Ipoh on York’. This place can be found on York Street in the busy city center, lunch times are pretty hectic however the food is absolutely delicious and it is 100% Halaal.

We ended the night by taking a stroll across the harbour and enjoying the reflection of the sunset draped across the Sydney skyline…the perfect backdrop and ending to a wonderful first day in Sydney!

Mansur x